Monday, November 16, 2020

November Announcements

 Thanksgiving season is upon us, and I am so thankful I get to teach music. I am thankful I get to teach your child music. 


No lessons on Tuesday Nov 24-Friday November 27. Monday students will have a lesson due to the day off on Labor Day.

Christmas Recital
December 8 &10, Tuesday & Thursday
Trinitas Christian School
No Cost

Please make plans to join me on December 8 & 10 for our annual Christmas recital. To sign up please send me an e-mail with your preferred date. Each recital will be about 50 minutes. Only a limited number of performers will be signed up for each recital. It is a big hall and will give plenty of room for distancing. Plan to have your student stay for the complete recital. I will confirm which song your child is playing this week and write it in their binder and on the sheet music. Please help see that this Christmas song is a priority at home for the next three weeks. Reply via email with your preferred recital day or regrets.


If you have been with me for any time, you know this is one of my favorite piano events.In your email you will receive an information letter for Federation Festival. 

What: Federation Festival
When: Saturday, February 6, 2021
Where: Northwest Florida State College
Dress: Sunday Dress

You will be receiving an info letter about Festival this week. Please read it carefully and let me know if your student will be able to attend. I cannot register them after my deadline of December 4. It is extremely important that I hear back from you and receive your registration in time. The cost is $35. If you have a legitimate conflict and need to request an AM time or a PM time, please let me know. I can submit that request, but no guarantees that it'll be honored. Trust me you want to be there in person if you can. If you cannot be there in person, this year an allowance will be made to submit a recorded audition. 

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Register for 2020-2021

register-icon – LRWA
It's time to register for the new school year. It's as simple as filling out the registration form on my webiste ( and paying the yearly registration fee with August tuition. I will roll last year's lesson time over into this year unless you request something different. It would help me out if you can complete registration by August 1. I have several new students waiting for you to register before I will let them register. Should you need a different time this year, I am available to teach Monday-Friday from 2:45-6:00.

I will be ready to welcome students in my classroom for lessons. Should you need to meet remotely, please notate that on your registration form. You will need to have your set up at home as good as possible. Don't think a temporary set up with a phone leaning on a potted plant. Instead, consider a tripod. The new schedule will go into effect Monday, August 17.

I'm making plans for the new school year, looking through countless books, and preparing to make a big book purchase order. Even through the craziness of Covid, I have seen resilient students who are still learning. Although there seems to be a uncertainty all around us, let's rejoice in the stability of making music. Fhdang Decor Pianist Parking Sign, Piano Sign, Gift ...

Truly one of the great inventions is the piano. It is a highly intricate machine with hundreds of moving parts. I love opening up the piano and showing students the moving parts. Even better I love letting them listen to the acoustics made for it. My vision is for students not only to know how to play the 88 keys but to experience the wonder of the piano. Keyboards with 88 keys serve a purpose, but maybe it's time for you to consider moving from a keyboard to an acoustic piano. I always prefer students learn on an acoustic over a digital. They are in the growing phase and the moldable phase. Their fingers need to feel the keys on a piano, different than a keyboard. Locally, Blues Angel Music Store on Pace Blvd is a great place to buy used and new pianos. They offer financing. You can search online as well, at sights such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Remember the color of a piano has nothing to do with the sound. =)  When buying a car, you choose the car first, then decide on the color. The same holds true for choosing a piano. Look for a good instrument, then decide on the color. I'd be glad to help answer any questions you have. Here's a link with GREAT information on How to Buy a Piano.

Miget Piano Tuning - Piano Tuning Service in Western Kentucky

Acoustic pianos should be tuned at least once a year. If it's been more than 12 months from your last tuning, you don't have to tell me. Just call a tuner! This is like getting the oil changed in your car. It preserves the life and keeps things functioning well. If you need a tuner, please contact Blues Angel Music Store at 850-457-7557 for a tune. Please don't neglect this easy task.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Recognition of Awards

Federation Festival - Florida Federation of Music Clubs
Federation Festival Gold Cups are in! I grew up in participating in this program in New Jersey. It was something I looked forward to every year. I am glad to recognize the following students who have earned their first Gold Cup, which has taken three to four years of hard work.
                          National Federation of Music Clubs          Calendar

Alek Agustin – Music Theory
Ezekiel Brito – Piano Solo
Ezekeil Brito – Music Theory
Hadassah Cowart – Piano Solo
Hadassah Cowart – Music Theory
Jackson Cowart – Music Theory
Joshua Ibrahim – Piano Solo
Christian Golino – Piano Solo
Christian Golino – Music Theory
Evana Lin – Music Theory
Savannah Ryan – Piano Solo
Savannah Ryan – Music Theory

The following students have earned their second Gold Cup, which has taken six to seven years of hard work.
                                                      Junior Festivals
Haley Bondurant – Music Theory

Rachel Hedaria – Music Theory
Paris Johnson – Music Theory
Olivia Varela – Piano Solo
Emily Wagner – Piano Solo

Emily Wagner – Music Theory

Florida State Music Teachers Association Student Day

Florida State Music Teachers Association - Florida State Music ...About Cynthia - Cynthia's Studio of Piano 
Just as the athletic Olympics is a showcase of the elite athletes, I view Student Day as a showcase of the elite music student. Students train in written theory, aural theory, keyboard skills, and give a performance of two to three solos by memory. It is a program designed to build the all around musician. This year I had fifteen students participate. Due to Covid-19 students had to do all these evaluations remotely, which took an extra level of work. I am pleased to say everyone passed with not one single low score in any category! The following students earned Honors for their work, meaning they scored a 90% or higher on their performance.

Sebastian Bradley     Level 1   Honors
Trenton Browning     Level 5  Honors
Gabbie Calhoun        Level 3   Honors 
    *Her performance of "Girl with the Pearl Earing" (Rollin) was chosen for an Honors Recital video.
Monroe Crawley       Level 1   Honors
Christian Golino       Level 3   Honors
                  * His performance of "Starry Night" (Rollin) was chosen for an Honors Recital video.
Rachel Hedaria         Level 4   Honors
                  *Her performance of "Romanza" (Marshall) was chosen for an Honors Recital video.
Joshua Ibrahim        Level 2    Honors
Paris Johnson          Level 5    Honors
                 *Her performance of "Invention #1 (Bach)" was chosen for an Honors Recital video.
Evana Lin               Level 2     Honors
                 *Her performance of "Pirate's Tarentella" (Rollin) was chosen for an Honors Recital video.
Savannah Ryan       Level 1    Honors
            *Her performance of "Crazy for Lemons" (Stevens)  was chosen for an Honors Recital video.
Landon Varela        Level 2    Honors
  *His performance of "Winter Memories" (Bober) was chosen for an Honors Recital video.
Olivia Varela         Level 3     Honors
  *Her performance of "Mona Lisa" (Rollin) was chosen for an Honors Recital video.