Monday, January 6, 2020

Catherine Rollin & Federation Festival

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Catherine Rollin Composer Recital
January 18th, 2020
Myrtyle Grove Baptist Church
5920 Lillian Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32506

1:00 Masterclass

Paris Johnson

3:15-4:15 Recital

Sebastian Bradley    The Shark

Ephraim Brito           The Kangaroo That Almost Flew

Daniel Ibrahim         My Laughing Chimpanzee

Joshua Ibrahim         Tango Dramatico  

Ezekiel Brito             Spanish Fire

Rebecca Bradley      El Conquistador

Landon Varela      The Nut Gatherers

Olivia Varela          Mona Lisa

For Second Recital - 4:45-5:45

Savannah Ryan          My Duck Loves to Quack

Christian Golino       American Gothic

Evana Lin                Pirate's Tarentella

Emily Wagner         Iberian Nocturne

Reena Lin                Prelude No 2 in C Major

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Federation Festival is quickly approaching. Please make sure your student is preparing and memorizing their music well these last few weeks. As always, I will host a Prep Class. (Great way to get an extra lesson if your student was sick.)

Festival Prep Class
When: Sat, Feb 1st
Where: My classroom at Trinitas Christian School
Time:  9AM-11AM
What: Everyone will get a chance to perform one (or two) of their pieces for the group. This is also when you till take your official Theory Test.

* Please sign up on my board or via e-mail so I know who to expect. If you miss this day, you will need to take the Theory Test the day of Festival.

Federation Festival
When: Sat, Feb 8
Where: Northwest Florida State College
100 College Blvd, Niceville, FL 32578
Arts Center Music Wing
Time: Assigned. See Below

Directions from Pensacola: Take I-10 East towards Tallahassee. Take exit 56 (State Road 85 South). Turn RIGHT off of the exit and go 15 miles. You will drive through Crestview, and Hurlbrt Field (Eglin Air Force). Stay LEFT when the road splits. You will see ball fields and the college on your left. Turn left onto College Blvd. Take the SECOND entrance (should be marked with Arts Center). Turn RIGHT to the parking lot. Enter through the main doors, which are to the left of the fountain and statues. There is a museum if you have some free time that you may want to check out.

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your group start time and stay for the whole hour. There are warm up practice rooms on a first come basis. You may or may not see me as I will be accompanying singers and working, but I hope to greet you if I can. Once your group is done, a certificate with a rating will be given right away. Once you have that, you are done. Please remember to bring your music books. You cannot qualify for a score without the original music. I will get official results/judges comments at the end of the day. If your student is up for a Gold Cup Trophy, that will be ready to be presented at the Recital in May.

Alek A             10:00     Bird's Eye & Sonatina, Mvt 2
Sebastian B     2:30      Basketball Star & The Shark
Becca B           2:30      Raindrops On My Roof & Sonatina in C
Ephraim B       1:30      Basketball Star & The Kangaroo That Almost Flew
Ezekiel B         1:30      Spanish Dance & Spanish Fire
Trenton B        1:30       Boogie Blues Riff & Left Alone
Jeremiah B      11:00     Little David, Play On Your Harp and Ombra Mai Fu
Gabbie C         10:00      Prarie Wind & Swirling Brook
Alijah C            1:30      Raindrops on My Roof & Morning
Hadassah C    2:30     Woodland Farewell & Hummingbird
Jackson C       2:30     Winter Memories & King William's March
Sophia C         2:30     Pirate's Tarentella & Silver Medal Sonatina, Mvt 3
Monroe C        1:30     Nice Exotic Blend & Monsters on the Run
Chris D            11:00   Serenade & Sonata in D
Carl D              11:00   Big Easy Blues & Solfeggietto
Clark D            11:00   Sonatine Mvt 1 & Sonatina op 20
Christian G      3:30     American Gothic & Picnic on the Seine
Rachel H         3:30    Romanza & Sonatina in C# Minor
Daniel I            2:30    Ninja Power & My Laughing Chimpanzee
Joshua I          2:30    Tango Dramatico & Spanish Dance
Paris J            3:30     Romanza & Sonatina in A Minor
Evana L          1:30     Pirate's Tarentella & Autumn Mist
Reena L         1:30     Spokana Falls & Sonatina in C#Minor
Skylar N         10:00   She's Like the Swallow & Beneath Weeping Willow Shade
Erica R           1:30     Beatitudes & Ave Maria
                      2:30      Without You & Journey to the Past
Savannah R  3:30      Crazy for Lemons & My Duck Loves to Quack
Drew S          3:30      Bird's Eye & The Bear
Grace T         3:30      Nightingale & Two Marionettes
Landon V      3:30      Winter Memories & Sonatina, Mvt 2
Lawson V     3:30      My Imaginary Friend & Tucker's Secret Life
Olivia V        3:30      Mona Lisa & Sonatina
Emily W       3:30      Beauty in the Rose Garden & Solfeggietto

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Catherine Rollin Recital

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Catherine Rollin is one of the leading composers in the piano pedagogy world today. She has over 100 pieces of music published by Alfred Publishing, one of the biggest music publishers in America. She is a sought after clinician, speaker, adjudicator, and teacher.

She will be in Pensacola on January 18! Local music teachers will have a session with her in the morning then...she will have a meet and greet student recital for anyone who is playing any of her music. She will have a time for pictures and autographs and also work with each pianist for 5-10 minutes. There will be two recitals in the late afternoon on Saturday, January 18 at Myrtle Grove Baptist church. PMTA is sponsoring this, so there is no cost for your student to participate in this. There is no new music your student has to learn. Your child already has a composition of hers he is working on.

I really would like your child to participate in this day. Please RSVP and let me know if I can reserve a spot for you. If so, please make sure your child comes back in January ready with their Catherine Rollin piece.

Here is a link to learn more about her:

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